What are the most durable earphones?

I have here now a bunch of earphones that are broken lying around. To fix them is most times not worth it. The cables brake, the plugs disconnect from there cables or the phones brake apart. I want some earphones (best with headset and some buttons) that i can carry around a whole life in my pocket, lying under or around me while sleeping, being pulled at, and can be still used by my children. I think it would be technical possible to produce that kind of hardware but all the earphones ive got in my hands so far are defected by design. For example the cables are much to thin. I would have no problems if the cables are as thick as the plug itself. Here is a idea for a very durable cable:


This is just a rough idea of someone who isnt a material (or any other) specialist, but i think it would be possible to design earphones that can be much much more durable.

To boil it down my request is about:

1. Collecting a list of the most durable earphones which are still on the market.

2. Open a discussion about the possibility to design much more durable earphones for the future.

Thanks to all contributions in advance.

Team treaki

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Here's my two cents worth:

My first question would be; can I buy parts for it?

If I can't, I don't want to buy it.

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Parts for any earbud? Yea, right. Oh, I forget to mention that Koss headphones have lifetime warranties.


@pccheese the question is about earphones not ear buds.

Koss gets a major up vote for the warranty.


Earphones and earbuds are basically the same. Ear, as in on-ear, and phones, as in stereo phone.


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I'll weigh in on this . If it were possible to create a set of ear phones that were basically indestructible there would be no one willing to manufacturer them . There would eventually be no demand for them (Once everyone had there indestructible headphones) and you would be out of business. Everything is made to fail to keep up the demand to keep the wheels of business rolling .

Next issue do you want buds, in ear or ones that completely cover the ear . You mentioned a cable as thick as the plug and also something that fits in your pocket . This cable will be heavy and if your using buds it will probably be so heavy it will end up pulling the buds from your ear. Then to be this thick you will loose the flexibility and it becomes bulky, it will be hard to put in your pocket . Then size doesn't necessarily translate into reliability. most headphones fail at the connection point . Very rarely does the wire actually break .So your issue should be how do I make a connection point that is indestructible.

I'd also like to mention my headphone problem isn't that they break , as a matter of fact I cant remember the last time I broke a set . I loose them so can you put a tracking device on them? While were at it they need to be waterproof . Since there in your pocket a lot they're likely gonna go through the wash

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@jimfixer - All good points!

The Nirvana here is Bluetooth based devices which breaks the need for the cord.

I personally like this Sony concept headset:

Block Image

Concept N headphones

Here's more: Sony's Concept N headphones can provide a soundtrack, without isolating you from the crowd

People are so engrossed into their own world when they are walking about they are forgetting to look or even pause their music when crossing a street or even walking down a sidewalk. I even see tons of people driving (Cars & Bikes) with full cup over ear sets! So many people are getting killed on our streets.

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Good Morning @danj they still appear to have the cord is that just from one ear to the other? Is there an actual speaker in the ear or is it on the bone behind the ear? I have such a hard time with loosing ear buds I'm afraid without the cord Id loose these even faster :-(


Hi! @jimfixer - they are similar to the BeatsX Earphones. But unlike them the speaker element is the large puck behind the ear using a tube to aim the sound into the ear. As the ear is not fully blocked you also hear the ambient sounds. Anyone walking or driving in public streets should be using a set like this.


Here in Canada our distracted driving rules prohibit the use of headphones while driving . you can use one earpiece for a phone for hands free but in some areas even this is prohibited and if you are involved in an accident then if your using a phone even hands free you'll be charged.


@jimfixer - Yes we have laws in some states that prohibit their use all together when driving. Sadly, the cops don't pull people over its only after the fact if you are caught which is a bit late for the poor person they killed or hurt ;-{


Yep, I was reading my DOT license manual and took note of that. At least you can't do that in Iowa. Anyway, I have several on-ear and over-ear headphones that don't block sound very well. Mostly because they're open back. I get more complaints about the noise coming from them than I get "you can't hear me."


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Most under $50 are going to fall apart rather quickly. Also, most HiFi or high quality earbuds aren't going to have buttons or a headset functions. The cables are thin to reduce weight. Too much weight and they'll come out of your ear or make them sore. I'm personally a headphone (the small drivers in earbuds aren't quite sufficient for HiFi) guy, but I can still recommend some high quality earbuds.

1. Fiio EX1 Aerospace Nanotech Titanium Diaphragm In-Ear Monitors

2. Any Grado earbuds (iGe, for instance).

3. Any $70+ Audio Technica earphones.

The fiio's are very nice, a high quality headset. Made in China, but the company boasts that they're "Changing the reputation of made in China." Good sound, too.

Grado only has a couple but I'm sure the quality sets the bar. I have a pair of their headphones and they're my go-to for HiFi headphones. Also, completely hand made in a small shop in Brooklyn.

The Audio Technica's are the most generic. Still, high quality sound, but depending on the model the build might (just might) be a bit lacking.

Hope this helps!

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If you like to listen to music than earphones are always a part of your life, but not all earphones available on-line is a good choose. We know your 1st motive to buy a headphone is to get better sound quality then comes it's durability & design. Since there are lot of headphones under 500 Rs that makes it difficult to select. To make things easy for you we have researched & checked Top earphones under 500 Rs of brand like JBL, Skullcandy, sony and some new brands. In this article we have listed collection of good earphones available on-line along with it's User Reviews, Buying links & specifications. These best earphones under Rs 500 comes with mic & will deliver the perfect sound quality which will get you addicted to music. So check our compiled list of top best earphones under 500 Rs.

Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 BK (INR 520)

Block Image

I have listed Audio Technica 1st in this article since I had used this earphone personally, will say it is a steel in this price. The earphone comes with a round case which protect the earphone when not in use.

Crystal-clear sound and excellent detail resolution

Easy-traveling audio performance with cord-wrap included

Comfortable long-wearing design

In-ear (canal-style) headphones

Offered in eight vibrant colors: black, white, lime green, blue, orange, red, purple and pink

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