What is this motherboard component looking like a golden switch?

Block Image

I noticed that when I pressed it while my smartphone was turned on, it was instantly switched off and it was then complicated to restart it (I have to unclip the tab attached to the battery, wait several minutes, etc.).

I find it difficult to close my smartphone in its shell because of this switch that forces me to re-disassemble the smartphone every time. This happens even if the smartphone was turned off before, then I can not turn it on.

Does anyone know what this component is and what is it for, please?

As you can see, there is several of it around the board but this is the only one which sutdown my phone.

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You need to adjust one pin. In the picture you posted in the bottom left there are two pins that look similar to the one you marked in your picture. The left on is bent to the bottom. Adjust this one. If you take a look at the back housing, there are some pads wich are connected to the logicboard if the back cover is assembled. If these circuits are not connected or even wrong connected it can cause your problem. I got one device from a customer which had the same problem. He also bent this pins. After adjusting theses the error was gone.

If this doesn´t work check all connections of the phone or even reconnect them.

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My guess is that they are grounding pins to ground the logic board to the back housing.

I'll take note of this in the future because I have had a few times where some HTC's just won't turn on after doing screen replacement until I opened up re-assembled and closed up two times at least.

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