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Un monitor de bebé hecho por Infant Optics, Inc. El DXR-8 tiene una pantalla de 3.5", sensor de temperatura, visión nocturna y un sistema de lentes intercambiables.

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Can you recalibrate the thermometer?

The thermometer/temp reader used to be very accurate, but now seems to be showing a high temperature compared to what the actual room temperature is. Is there a way to re-set it or recalibrate the thermometer?

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@camillelynn I read through the manual. There is no reset option or reset button.

What I can suggest is completely disconnecting the battery and wait a few minutes and reconnect the battery. Maybe whatever miscalibration will reset in this manner.

They have a dedicated help line at which may be able to let you know if this is a hard ware defect or simply a reset fix.

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Thank you for your thoughts! I'll give that a try.

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Did this work? It doesn't work for me, and the temp has never been right. I just now figure that it's always a few degrees cooler than what it actually says. But that's frustrating.

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I have a different issue.the temperature moves up and down from the top to rhe botton.After that, stops and shows a doble H H and the celsius or farenheit symbol . Any suggestion? Thanks

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