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The Beats Pill is a small, portable Bluetooth speaker from the Beats by Dre line of products produced by Beats Electronics LLC. It features direct audio and Bluetooth connectivity as well as an internal microphone to conduct phone calls. This device is fairly capable of being repaired due to its intuitive construction.

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How to bypass batteries

I want to get rid of the batteries and just run direct power to my beats pill anyone know how to do that

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There isnt really an easy way to do this. Cant you just leave it plugged in all the time? It does the same thing without needing to know how to solder or anything about electronics.

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That's kind of where I was going to go with this. I don't know much about these pills. Mine is a knockoff. Can you just disconnect battery, and it runs off the circuit from the wall?? Mine has been acting up, I could take it apart....

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The charging port keeps breaking I've already sent it in twice. I am very good at soldering and I work on electronically control equipment so getting technical is no problem. Thanks in advance for any help

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You could just remove the port and solder wires directly to the contacts, or basically tear apart a cord so you dont have the plastic on the end and stick it and and then just glue it in place so the wires are where the stress is put, not the port.

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Yes I thought about that but I was trying to kill two birds with one stone and get rid of the batteries so I don't have to mess with it when the battery goes out. I gues I can hard wire it to get it to charge and then see what the voltage is more work but it's ok. What's confusing me is the battery says 3.7v and the board where it hooks up says .2v

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This one is made by Apple?

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