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Kenwood FM stereo receiver Model Eleven III. This stereo is from the 1970s.

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How to cure scratchy sounding controls?

how to use contact cleaner on volume ,treble,bass ,etc. without removing th?e cover

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You really cant. You need to remove the cover to be able to gain access to where they are located to spray the cleaner on.

There isnt any other option, sorry.

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I agree with Cameron. I've tried spraying through the front panel, and it really doesn't work. You need to get the spray straw right up to (but not in) the hole in the variable resistor, and shoot right into the hole. Removing the cover and the metal bottom cover is a matter of ten to twenty screws, and they just come right off.

Home audio equipment of this era was built with repair in mind, so it's physically easy to repair.

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