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A mobile workstation wtih a 15.6" display manufactured by HP.

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keyboard typing wrong letters

My keyboard is typing incorrect letters in some cases. Also the trackpad is not working. However in Windows 7 device manager, there are no errors being shown. I did open the laptop to change to a M.2 drive. I may have hit something by accident. Perhaps a ribbon or cable is out. I looked at the maintenance and service guide for answers. They suggest that a keyboard flex cable may have come loose or is not lined up properly. There is no good picture of this in the service guide. Can someone help me? Is there something else that could be wrong? I played with the shift, ctrl, alt, etc. keys and that made no difference.

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This may help with the ribbon cable connector it show a clear video of a ribbon cable being disconnected and then reconnected .

Often when you remove them you don't get them in far enough and that can throw off the keyboard . Hope this helps

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Here is a disassembly video. I think this is the same as your laptop.

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Unfortunately the video doesn't go into great detail. It just points out the basics and does not cover keyboard and trackpad.

Also the video shows what appears to be the same as mine, but the grill on the bottom is completely different. It's very close though...It is a Zbook G3.

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