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Everything works but the paddle doesn't turn and has no engine noise

Everything works but the paddle doesn't turn and has no engine noise. It heats and lights up.

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I have a Chef Mate bread machine its probably 10 years old not used much (about 20 loaves) til now. The machine lights up but the motor doesn’t turn on and therefore the paddle doesn’t turn. Need to get a referral for a repair shop in the vicinity of Spokane Washington telephone #

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melwoodonly, If still under warranty use it to have bread maker repaired/replaced/refund. You did not state your make/model#, so I will post some what generic answer. The motor may be faulty, or internal wire/plug may be loose/broke/burnt, limit switch if equipped faulty, bad control board, etc..You will have to disassemble the bread maker so you can do a visual inspection for loose components and test the motor etc.. If not wanting to do the repair your self take into a good local small appliance repair shop and have them take a look and estimate repair. Link below is just an example of how to disassemble a bread maker, which you may be able to search for using your make/model#. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Hitachi HB-B102 Automatic Home Bakery II Motor Replacement

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Have a Hitachi HB 201...Motor doesn't turn, but the display goes through the other phases and the fan comes on. Could the 8mf motor capacitor be do I test it?

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