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Hole in my attic/roof

Recently I have been hearing a scratching noise in my attic. I climbed the stairs poked my head in and looked around. There is a visible hole to the outside. A day or two later, I heard baby birds chirping for mommy. What in the world do I do? I have back injuries and don't know how easily I can climb across the rafters to get to the edge. Is is better repaired from outside (second story)? What is the most effective, safe and easy way to fix this?

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Using what you saw as a reference look on the outside is the hole visible? You may need a set of binoculars to help you spy the hole. Here's a good diagram showing the different parts of a roof: Glossary of Roofing Terms

If the hole is within the soffit you'll need a ladder to remove the rotted wood and apply a new piece. You'll need to also investigate why the wood rotted in the first place. In any case you'll likely need to pull away the insulation as it's likely wet from the attic.

If the roofing its self got damaged from wind or ice dams you'll likely need a roofer.

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Thank you very much! Sounds reasonable, I think I can do that. I will take your advice.

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If the repair estimate is to high, it is probably covered under your home owners policy.

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Good tip! Thank you very much mayer :-)

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Better ask someone to climb with the help of a leader on it and remove them to another place. Frankly speaking, we had the same situation some years ago. Birds brought the offspring to our roof and they are all there all the time were damaging our roof and window under this with feces. Indeed, my wife is very squeamish, so, we asked a neighbor to help us to move out of the nest at the tree. But after these birds continue to return to this place so, finally we asked to change the roof because the old one has already become unusable completely

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