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Versión renovada del iPhone 3G con velocidades de procesamiento más rápidas. La reparación de este dispositivo es similar a la 3G y requiere destornilladores simples y herramientas de palanca. Modelo A1303 / 16 o 32 GB de capacidad / respaldo de plástico negro o blanco.

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Can the display connector on an iPhone 3GS be replaced?

I have a 3GS that has the digitizer connector damaged (2 pins at the very top have been broken off). As a consequence, any new screen put on the 3gs will fail to recognizer any touch. My main need is to extract the data out of the phone. I heard transferring flash chips is next to impossible, but the display connectors are attached to the logic board anyway. Is there any way to fix this?

The picture is flipped upside down, so the missing pins are on the bottom

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Yes it is possible to replace this. Hot air station to desolder the old one, wick the old solder, and drag solder/pin by pin solder a new one on (using flux of course).

Connectors are available for these usually, or you can desolder one from a donor board by heating the other side of the board (to avoid melting the plastic on the connector)

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Wow that sounds incredibly complicated to solder pin by pin. I've only repaired screens of iPhones, so I've never done something near as complicated. i do have another 3GS I can use as a donor, but is there a more thorough Guide on how to do this?

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I'm afraid not, it is literally a case of doing what I described above. Might be worth checking out iPad Rehab on Youtube, she replaces FPC connectors like this on newer models, which is basically the same process. You might be able to buy it new, I think we were able to get these back in the day when 3GS models were popular.

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Yes it is possible but for that you need micro-soldering kit. secondly it is difficult to find display connector only for your iphone 3gs.

If you manage display connector from electronics part shop that it is fine.

if you not able to find connector then better to find any dead iphone3gs and desolder display connector from their.

So you can replace display connector.

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Could you point me in the right direction as to where I could get the soldering kit and what to do?

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There are ready kit available for mobile iphone repairing and you can add needed tools as per your need. Go to any good electronics shop as we live in different country so difficult for me to guide you exact location for kit.

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