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El Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller es un controlador de videojuegos producido por Nintendo en 2012 para la consola de videojuegos Wii U.

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Moving right analog stick inteferes with the left.

Just within the last couple of weeks, when I have been playing a game like Binding of Isaac, I've found that the right analog stick is affecting the performance of the left. In particular, when going down on the right stick, going up on the left stick is slowed way down. There's a smaller effect when going up on the right stick and left on the left stick. I've tried resynching multiple times, and I've got a PC adapter, and it happens there as well. I went to the HTML5 gamepad tester, and sure enough, when pointing the right stick down, the most the left stick shows pointing up is about .75, rather than the 1.0 it's supposed to be.

You would think that would mean that moving the right stick down was also moving the left stick down, but that isn't the case. If I'm just using one stick at a time, there are no issues. It's only when both sticks are in use that the problem starts.

If anyone knows how one might fix this, I'd really appreciate it!

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I realize I'm late on this topic but I got the same problem. When I move the right analog stick it is as if I moved the left stick instead/also. It only moves up and down however. Left/right directions are not affected. I have another controller that's not affected at all by this and it seems weird if it would be a simple piece of plastic (joystick) causing this. To me it seems to be something to do with the circuitboard in the controller itself.

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Found the issue its a manufacturing defect on the left stick. To solve it, open controller so the sticks sensors are visible. 2. Use a small flat head to gently pry the top metal plate up on all four corners. 3. Move sticks with thumb pads attached to make sure there is smooth glide.( My problem was in far cry 5. Not anymore. ) 4. Put controller back together and get your game on.

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Many people report having similar issues, but I don't remember anyone testing it like you did and seeing that kind of discrepancy. Usually, the best solution that follows attempting to clear out any debris, and taking the joysticks apart and placing it all back together, is to replace the actual stick. In your case, I would not know what joystick to replace, or if you should replace both. It may be that it needs an RMA.

I would suggest going through this thread:

Left Analog Stick not working properly

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Thanks for the suggestion! But, sadly, after checking out the indicated thread and tinkering with the thing for awhile, it seems the RMA is pretty much the way to go.

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