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Esta cámara digital fue anunciada por Panasonic en enero de 2014. La Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40 tiene un sensor de 18 megapíxeles y funciones GPS integradas.

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Why is LCD screen having color changes?

The LCD screen will become filled with blue/green colors. This does not happen with every photo but I am concerned it will get worse. The colors do not affect the photo but makes it difficult to see the screen. Does anyone have experience with this problem?

I've not been able to do any troubleshooting as the owner's manual does not address this problem.

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@silverjym since this does not affect the images it could be a failed/failing LCD. Here are the instruction on how to change it:

Block Image

Block Image

Should this not fix it, you are most likely having issues with the LCD driver on the circuit board. For now go with the LCD.

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