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This is the first e-reader produced by Amazon, sold from November 2007 to February 2009, with an easy to read screen, memory card slot reader, and the ability to shop for and download e-books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs.

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The charging plug is loose when plugging in

The power light doesn't come on without "jiggling" the cord to make the connection.

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The charging ports on older Kindles appear to be milspec which is a tighter specification than normal micro usb. I’ve found that cheap cables don’t work but Motorola docomo usb cables work just fine.

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@cenglish53 , Constance, If charge port is found to be bad/loose/damaged , this is really not a repair for the inexperienced because the charge port for your device is soldered to the mother board and the heat generated could cause further damage if not very careful. I will post a link showing what is involved in repairing a mini USB attached to the board. The 2nd link is to new charge port, which you can also do a search for better pricing perhaps if needed. If not wanting to do the repair yourself have a good computer/cell phone repair shop have a look and estimate repair. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Your port is widened. The way to fix it is to open up the kindle. Kindle 1st Generation SD Card Reader Replacement STOP AFTER STEP 4 as your in the kindle, What you then do is use something to push the connector down to make it a tighter fit. Be careful not to short out anything on the motherboard or damage the connector

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