not getting fuel to carb

cleaned all lines,new gas and filter,new plugs, cleaned and rebuilt carb and fuel pump. still no fuel to carb.

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@ednick .Nick, You did not state your model #,, so this will be some what generic answer. Remove gas cap momentarily and see if fuel will flow, vent in gas cap could be plugged not allowing fuel to flow. Remove spark plug, remove fuel line from carburetor and direct line into a container to see if fuel is flowing from pump when engine cranked. If no fuel, pump mat be faulty(check all lines on pump are not plugged and hooked in proper positions securely), line pinched/plugged, tank shut off either not on or plugged, filter plugged or installed back wards(if directional), check for fuel tank internal screen plugged. If fuel flowing the carb. float may be stuck in the closed position or if carburetor equipped with a electric shut off/solenoid it could be faulty/stuck/bad connection. Now if you are getting fuel to carb. and the bowl is filling, either the jets are clogged or you have not adjusted the screws out to the proper settings to allow fuel to flow. See the trouble shooting link/guide below for more info. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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excellent answer


I have GT5000 craftsman which is not geting fuel to the fuel pump, a new pump was installed n fuel filter n all fuel line were replaced. When engine is turned over, there’s no fuel going into the filter. I disconnect the fuel line to the pump n fuel filled up the filter. But no fuel is flowing to the carburetor.

The carburetor silanoid is working when ignition is on.

What is my next step to resolve the issue?????


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