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Released around 1991, the GR-303 is a VHS-C video recorder produced by JVC

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1991 VideoMovie video camera viewfinder not working

I recently got a 1991 JVC GR-303U VHS-C VideoMovie video camera.

It has numerous issues, but if I can get the viewfinder working, I believe I can fix the other issues.

I can turn the camera on and off, eject the tape, etc, but the display never starts. I found a working solution to power it, so that shouldn't be the issue.

I should also mention that the camera's tape drive seems to be a little... off. Does the tape drive use belts on this particular camera?

I'm hoping the viewfinder is an easy fix, since it's the only display I can use without spending more money.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm hoping someone here knows the answer, or, at the very least, the location of a free service manual, because I'm totally lost at this point.

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I have a GR-303 that no longer records. I can still view previously recorded tapes through the viewfinder. Maybe you can use it for parts. You can have this for no cost, just pay for shipping. Included are the GR-303, the A/C power adapter/charger, A/V cord and carry strap. I have batteries, but they no longer hold charges, so I would not send them. I also have the user's manual. It's not the service manual, however. But, I did notice that there is a YouTube post showing how to replace the viewfinder. I would rather see this camera go to someone who needs it, rather than just disposing of it.

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