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El controlador inalámbrico Xbox 7MN-0001 fabricado por Microsoft Corporation es el controlador más utilizado para la consola de juegos Xbox que también se puede usar para PC.

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Xbox One Controller won't turn on.

I recently tore apart my Xbox One Controller to replace the buttons and the front faceplace on the controller. Now that I have put it back together the guide button will not turn on the controller. When I hold down the guide button in a certain spot it turns on, but once I release it shuts off. When I plug it into the console it turns the controller on but the guide button doesn't work. On one controller the vibrator disconnected from one side, could this be relative to the problem?

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Try to take it apart again and put everything back. You may have broken or moved something. Put it back to the original configuration and see if it works, if it doesn’t, there could be another issue.

If you continue having issues turning on your Xbox One Wireless Controller, check out this Xbox One Wireless Controller Won't Turn On Problem Page.

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The only button that doesn't work is the guide, which is using the original button.

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Open it, remove everything and put it back together with the original parts

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I took mine apart the give the case a clean because it was looking dirty, I put it back together again which was easy, but now the batteries wont work in it, only the power cored connected works, its strange because there is nothing been touch on the main board I just cleaned the case does anyone have any ideas???

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@napalm150 Take it apart again and see what happens

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