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Why is my MacBook booting incredibly slow all of a sudden?

My Macbook Core 2 Duo (Early 2009) has begun acting very strange, as of this morning, though working perfectly fine last night. I have looked around on 'Answers' and couldn't find a topic pertaining to this issue.

When booting up, it takes about 15 minutes to completely start up, when it normally takes under 1 minute. While it appears to be booted up, the cursor indicates that there is still some sort of loading/proccessing going on, but does allow any clicking on desktop icons or any other actions to be taken.

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Sounds like a bad hard drive, open up Disk Utility and verify your drive.

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Try booting up from an external drive. You can verify if it's the hard drive causing the issue. If it boots fine from an external drive, the internal drive is probably your culprit.

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Absolutely. Once you're booted off the external drive, I'd recommend backing up all data that you don't have elsewhere immediately, before running drive verification or repair tools. If the drive is failing, it might just have a few minutes/hours of life left.


Yes, also, the more times you (try) to boot it up, the lower chance you have of salvaging your data, however, if Disk Utility reports errors and your drive has problems, I've never seen a time where DiskWarrior couldn't repair the directory.


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