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How to take a "image" of the NAND?

So I have this phone for data recovery. It is stuck in DFU mode for some reason, it wasn't yesterday though. This may be an insane question, but can I get everything on the NAND, get a image, save it as a file, then try to use 3u tools to restore it with keeping user data, and if it fails, could I restore the file back to the NAND?

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Theoretically it should be possible. That's what the people do in China or etc to do upgrade the flash memory. I think they clone the chip and reprogram it to work on the larger chip.


I'm not sure about that. NAND programmers copy the "metadata" (for lack of a better term) not the actual data. I'd love to hear what @tomchai has to say, he is well connected ;>).


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What's the point? You dump the image, restore the phone, it may work. But when you write the image back, you still end up with a dead phone.

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Good point.... Not having a very brain powered day lol. I will see if updating thru iTunes fixes it.


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