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ASUS Chromebook Flip C100P was released in 2012. This was the first-ever 10-inch convertible Chromebook released. It is a laptop running Google's Chrome OS. The C100P came available with 2GB or 4GB of RAM, and silver as the only color option. Repair of this device requires screwdrivers and prying tools.

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Chromebook charger port damage? Can it be fixed?

I'm not sure if I broke or bent the prongs of my chromebook because I can't even get the charging cord in the connector to charge the machine. Can I order a new prong thingee to change it??

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it won´t fit im literally trying to put it in the port

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I have the same problem, my chromebook literally won't charge. The charger is fine, but not the charging port! It must be bent or something, because I can't even fit the charger in all the way! Somebody please help!

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Ok so I had the same problem, I opened the back of the chromebook took off a metal piece over the charging port and unscrewed the motherboard to access it, I ended up fixing the bent prong by doing that and it was working fine for about and hour and then it stopped charging, I am running out of ideas!!! The pin is straight and the pin goes inside the charger but it still wont charge, I did end up breaking a little black piece above the pin by accident but it helped me clear out crumbs and stuff that was blocking the charger from going in but now it won’t charge at all!! Someone please help!

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You may have to see if the pin is still connected to the logic board or the ribbon cable board, also it may have shorted something and there may be a fuse onboard or another component in that area that is blown, may be able to visually inspect it for burnt component or get out trusty voltage/ohm meter and test things with and without power. I had trouble charging a Dell and rapidly pulled the battery in and out while charger was plugged in to miraculously get a dead battery charging. The charger itself may be damaged from shorting. If the charger port is on a side board via ribbon you may be able to buy a used part from eBay on the cheap. Note that Dell has 3 wires to charge, the pin, the inner and outer part of the charger end to make the 3 wires since there is a chip in the charger wire that synchronizes hence why no other charger will work for Dell.

Hope this helps.

Canada Rocks!

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Patricia Pohan , If pins in the port are broken, it will need changed. If pins are bent you could try to straighten carefully with a tooth pick. Port is available and changeable. See the links below 1st link will show how to disassemble to get into chrome book to enable changing out the charge port at the 2nd link. If not wanting to attempt repair pop into a good local computer rpair shop and have them estimate repair. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Asus Chromebook Flip C100P Teardown

ASUS Chromebook C100PA Charging Port

Imagen de ASUS Chromebook C100PA Charging Port


ASUS Chromebook C100PA Charging Port


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Does it still work with a bent Samsung Chromebook charger?

Block Image

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no you need a new one

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It might still work but I recommend getting a new one off of amazon.

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You can buy a new tip and splice it in, if you search likely find it reasonably cheap so buy two.., albeit perhaps bulky tape job is necessary and wires soldered then taped…..

A complete new cord & tip end, which you must solder to the proper polarities of the charger board after removing the old one, this may take a bit of work and a dremel for example to cut along edges carefully, to open the casing without cutting into your hands or internal components of the charger then, do the replacement/repair, epoxy it back together. If you put a piece of material or porous paper right over the wet glue it will increase its strength 1000 fold, scratch up the edges and sides with sandpaper that you want to glue so the glue gets a good rough surface to grip to. This is a temporary fix until replacement cord or charger arrives or may last for years… Keep reading plz…

You may still be able to charge with that pin being bent yet not severely as I see in the pic, however, if it gets much worse it could break off and the middle wire could touch the outer wire to the connector tip opposite power wires and short-circuit your Chromebook, so do use it with care, try to have that issue resolved soon as described above.

NOTE: I do not recommend Chinese or Aftermarket chargers since they may not have the same sine-wave pattern specifically designed for that battery, these will charge battery poorly and shortens its lifespan, as charger gets very hot; This happened to my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 as i wanted to save a few bucks but it wasnt worth it at all. Further, I suggest a clip or elastic band that keeps the cord loosely looped close to where it plugs into the tablet, for a bit of extra play in case it gets snagged. You may even be able to get a short adapter that you plug your charger into and the charger cable will simply pull out of the adapter which remains in the laptop, and no more issues.

The best investment you can get is a glass lcd protector and a nice case to prevent bumps and drops.

Ship hattens: Insurance/prevention-measures do pay, so protect your devices even consider a Surge/Spike protector for those in countries with poor, unstable power which can kill your devices with high frequency waves and erratic waves of electricity.

Just a few things to ponder…

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