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The HTC Desire 626 is a mid-range Android smartphone released by HTC, a Taiwanese consumer electronics company, in March 2015.

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Dropped Phone, Screen only displays Left side

I dropped my HTC Desire 626

Now only the Left 1/4th of the screen displays an image. The whole screen still reads the touch.

How do I know if I should try and repair it?

Update (03/29/2017)

Any idea how much that would cost and is that something I should try myself not having done this kind of thing?

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It's should be around 80-100$ to have someone fix it at one of those phone repair places. If you've never done it before it is possible for you to do it yes, but! You'd need the screen and digitizer, special opening tools, esd mat, micro screw driver. So really if you're only doing this one time and never use the tools again it's not worth it. If you plan on doing stuff worth the tools then it might be worth doing your self.

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if it still responds to touch the digitizer is still good but the LCD portion is probably a goner.

youll need to replace the screen if you want full function restored. and odds are youll have to replace the digitizer as well.

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