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Modelo A1236 / 4 u 8 GB de capacidad

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Why does my iPod beep

why does my ipod beep twice

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Angela do you have some more information? Did it get submerged, did it drop? Does it still work and does itunes still recognize it? I believe the two beeps are related to the display. So I was wondering if there might be any damage to the iPod. th emore information you post the easier it will be for all of us on here to help you....let us know.

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I have problem with my 3rd gen nano, the screen is blank grayish and beeping when I plug into the power or iTunes, but it still can connect and the battery is full. I've tried to restore it but it doesn't do anything. I've also downloaded the latest software, it's still the same.

Try to hard reset it? The click wheel is broken, only select and play button that works.

I read on the internet forum that suggests to put it on the fridge for several minutes. Is that good?

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Screen is faulty or pins in connector for screen are corroded

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clickwheel ribbon required to fix clickwheel

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mine beeps 8 times

it is an ipod mini

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Angela you might want to try this first:

Toggled the hold button on-then back off

Reset the iPod by holding menu-select for at least 10 seconds and follow the iTunes instructions.

Restore the iPod using iTunes.

I had the ipod White screen of death too, and I tried everything to try to fix it, including restoring, resetting, etc. but I finally got the screen to work by going to the diagnostic menu and running through some of the tests there. Info for diagnostic is here

Then I reset the ipod in the diagnostic menu. Sometimes this helps for a short while. I do not exactly know why this reset is different than the one that you initiate with the click wheel, but it is.

From my experience this problem is either related to a loose ribbon cable, defective screen as well as possible moisture. I have seen some display cables that showed signs of corrosion and so did the connectors without ever having been submerged.90% of the time your problems are a hardware issue and its usually related to the screen. I believe the main issue to be a faulty connection with the screen contacts. Hope this helps even so it is not good news...good luck

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oldturkey03 you are a star! Thank you!

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