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An Android OS tablet released in 2015, identified by model number T10. The Tagital T10 is a WiFi-enabled touch screen device.

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Optimizing Apps on Android Device

When I turn on device, it goes through the normal procedure, to the point when Android window comes up.. it slowly darkens to light as they do while loading the Apps.. then it goes to a screen that says " Optimizing Apps" . at this point it may start at Opting 1-10.. or 25 -77, or what ever never the same twice... (After many attemps) then it completes and goes back to Android Screen and just sit there.... eventually shutting down.. I have pushed the (reset) button with a paper clip.. it does nothing but start the cycle over..... Any help next to turning this into a Frisbee would be helpful Thanks... Jeff

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If you have Zedge, this is what is causing it.

I had also done other updates and thought it was Android System WebView as it started right after that had updated. Then I read it's Zedge and I've had that program for almost 2 years. I had restarted phone and was again stuck on "Optimizing", but for me each time it has been a good 20 minutes.

I uninstalled Zedge and it started right up, no Optimizing. Thanks for everyone who figured this out!

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