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Guías de reparación y soporte para la primera generación de cámaras compactas de gama alta RX100 de Sony con sensor de 20,2 MP. La Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 se lanzó en junio de 2012.

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The EVF does not release when lever is pulled down

The pop up view finder seems to be stuck on my new DSC RX 100 V. How can I release it?

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@mayer or @oldturkey03,

My answer to this was deleted because I mentioned the Sony support number. It gave 402: deleted due to spam.

BTW, if you feel at all anoyed by my calling you when something like this happens, please say so.

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@pccheese George, not at all. Try giving the answer. Then leave the number as a comment and let's see if that works.

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@pccheese I was able to delete the previous answers properly so you did not get -100 points for spamming ;-) Got to watch iRobot when it comes to support phone numbers etc. iRobot recognizes those as spam probably due to the influx of fake support numbers over the last couple of months.

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@oldturkey03, I think something is wrong because it didn't discount my rep before, but now it's over 100 rep less than after I posted my answer! I don't understand.

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@oldturkey something is going really whacky! My last comment was deleted and now my rep has dropped -300 in the last twenty minutes!!!!! Please help!

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Seeing how the camera was released so recently, you are probably still under warranty. You need to contact Sony esupport using the info in the comments below. Before you send it off though, push down and try wiggling the veiwfinder a little incase its just sticky. Hope this helps!

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Contact Sony esupport phone here: 1 dash 888 dash 476 dash 6972.

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