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A smartphone manufactured by HTC released in February of 2016.

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Why can't anyone hear me talking when calling and answering?

When I answer my htc phone nobody hears me unless I put the speaker phone on. Also happens when I call someone, I have to have speaker phone on for anyone to hear me.

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Try using the earphones with the microphone attachment when making or receiving a call.

If there is no problem when using the earphones and microphone attachment, there may be a problem with the phone's internal microphone. It may be either faulty or loose from the systemboard.

There is also another possibility. The voice inlet hole at the bottom of the phone may be blocked with lint, Use a strong light and a magnifying glass to check to see if it appears blocked at all. If it appears to be, DO NOT use a probe (pin) to clear the hole as you might damage the microphone which is directly behind it. Try a vacuum cleaner, using short bursts and see if this clears the blockage.

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@jayeff, do they still include headphones/microphone accessories with mobiles sold in AU? They stopped in the US here quite a while ago.

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Hi @avanteguarde ,

Haven't checked recently, but I got a cheap ZTE T815 ($AU39 pre paid plan, but locked to carrier) only last September and it had it included and I also notice on the streets and shopping malls etc that a lot of people seem to be talking to themselves (just kidding) as there is no phone in their hand but they are wearing earphones + microphone. That it not to say that there aren't also a lot of people clutching onto their phones like grim death either, just in case they might miss something.

Don't know for sure but it also might have something to do with the driving laws here which make it illegal to have a mobile phone actually "in hand" whilst in the driver's seat with the engine running e.g. people regularly get traffic fines + demerit points for using a phone while stopped at traffic lights, let alone while actually driving. Hands free options are becoming more popular

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@jayeff , thanks for the info. Our driving laws don't appear to encourage hands free cables or wireless kits. Even our cheap prepaid phones don't include wires anymore. The only people who look like they are talking to themselves really are. :-)


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Try a voice recorder app.

If it can record your voice and play it back, it likely is a problem with your logic board.

If it cannot record your voice and play it back, you likely have a bad mic or the mic cable is loose.

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