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Boot failure / Looping chime on boot? - Logic board or EFI problem?

Hi guys,

yesterday I accidentally installed the boot-loader "Clover" on the EFI partition of my MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 - A1398).

From that point on, the Macbook booted into Clover and not my normal system. I was able to choose to boot into Recovery Mode, so I had access to the hard drive again. Then I decided to rename the folder /EFI/CLOVER/ into /EFI/CLOVER-OLD in an attempt to disable Clover.

But now i have big trouble because my Macbook won't boot anymore at all. The screen stays completely black and the keyboard does not work as well. I cannot boot into Recovery Mode nor can I reset the NVRAM or SMC, etc. The keyboard simply doesn't respond. The only thing that happens is that the startup sound ("chime") is playing constantly in a loop when i turn it on :(

So its no power issue, the Macbook is still reacting to the On/Off button but boot doesn't work.

I have already removed the SSD drive, but the issue is still there regardless of the hard drive being connected or not..

I really don't know what I can do ?

I think it is the logic board, right ? Can I repair this issue by replacing the EFI BIOS Rom Chip / EFI firmware or something like that ? Would be very grateful for your advice !

Best regards!

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Accidentally installed? Cough-cough - Bull Sh*t!


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Do you have access to a second Mac? If you do you should be able to boot up your MacBook Pro in Target Disk Mode so you can then access its drive from the second Mac that way you can undo the folder rename you did to re-able Clover boot loader. Apple T/N: Share files between two computers with target disk mode

As to disabling Clover, it doesn't appear to have an undo function within the product. I suspect you'll need to re-install the Mac EFI from Apple. Here's Apples TN on what if offers for EFI updates: About EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Mac computers. But, you'll need to first get the system running before you can even give this a try.

From my understanding Clover is really meant to be used in a Hackintosh system not a real Apple Mac system.

Reference: Clover

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Thank you very much for your help!

Unfortunately no access to a second Mac. But I ordered a SATA adapter that is compatible to my Macbook SSD in order to backup my data from the SSD just in case... So I will soon be able to rename the folder.

What I don't understand however is that the problem (boot chime loop) still occurs even if there is no SSD or other HDD connected to the Macbook. I have tried this by removing the SSD.

So do you really believe the system will work again after renaming the Clover folder ?

I am a bit scared that I bricked the internal EFI or BIOS - or is this unlikely ?

Thanks a a lot :-)

- de

Don't think thats going to help you here.

Clover EFI is redirecting the load from the firmware to the file boot loader within this folder. So swapping out the drive will end up doing the same thing.

You'll need to find a second Mac to either do the Target DiskMode method or to alter the file using the SATA to USB adapter/external HD case to hold your drive from the second Mac.

The EFI (BIOS) has been altered by Clover. It placed a hook to force the boot from the file within the drive which is why you'll need to undo it by reloading the EFI from Apple.

- de

The problem is that I don't know if Target DiskMode will work, because the keyboard of my Macbook doesn't seem to respond except for the on/off button.

At least resetting NVRAM, SMC and Recovery Mode do not work. It seems like the system is occupied with the startup loop.

I will rename the folder soon and let you know if that fixed my issue.

Should I also install this EFI Bios update ?

Here : ?

- de

See if you can find a USB keyboard that might give you access to the needed keys.

You'll need to apply the update to over-ride Clover unless you want to use it. Then just be careful not to alter the folder and contents.

- de

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Had this exact same problem (repeating boot chime loop, inability to use any startup keyboard commands) My issue was caused by my inserting a usb with Clover on it into my genuine Apple store purchased macbook pro retina & proceeding to &&^& around like an idiot. This resulted in my deleting the efi bootloader or some $@$*.

Took it to Apple, who wanted to replace the logic board at a ridiculous cost despite saying that all their tests regarding the physical condition of the machine and it's components passed fine. I tried explaining what happened, but the default response was simply to swap the motherboard for what was basically the cost of a new macbook pro.

Purchasing and installing this Chipmunk Matt card FIXED the problem:

It was easy as !&&* to install, I booted right up into MacOS, and all works well, except the serial number displayed under About This Mac changed. Not sure what that means, but &&^& it. I hate Apple so much I'm trashing this machine anyways lol

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I have a Macbook Air early 2015 that I mistakenly tried to boot from an external drive which had clover efi installed. afterwords it now has the boot chime loop. I have searched this Chipmunk Matt card and it shows to unlock a locked bios. will this work for my situation? the bios was not locked before this happened!

- de

My bios wasn't locked either, and my machine was purchased brand new from the Apple store with no locks of any kind. I just had/have some hyper persistent malware issues going on, and enough time and not enough common sense to experiment. My guess is that it will absolutely get your machine operable, but as far as actually fixing the issue, I doubt it, seeing as how even after reinstalling macOS if I remove the chipmunk from my logic board, the same boot chime loop issue occurs. I'm still trying to figure out a way to FIX the problem and use the machine without the chip...

- de

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I have the exact same issue.

Unfortunately booting into target mode from another MacBook doesn't work for me. Neither by remote keyboard.

Where you able to fix without manually pulling and reprogramming the EFI chip?

Really don't want to go there if I don't have to....

Any help would be appreciated!

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Rule out display issues


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hi alex s. ,

i have the same issue. i messed up my macbook because of clover. do have a solution already?

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Hi Jose,

I had to get a new MacBook Pro. Apple's Tech Support couldn't (or didn't want to) fix it. It's probably an issue they see very rarely and the aren't into BIOS chip soldering. They only try to replace broken parts.

Strangely, according to the technicians, the MBP booted up correctly without issues when the screen was disconnected - but replacing screens didn't help. No clue why..

I think it's an EFI BIOS chip issue. You may be able to fix it if you get a new Bios Chip soldered onto your Mainboard. But not sure if that will fix it, might try that sometime in the future.

Alternatively, trying to reflash the BIOS with default firmware might do the trick as well. But for me it didn't really work.

Best regards,


- de

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Hi all, someone found a solution ? I have exactly the same problem ...

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Agregar un comentario fixes the problem. Don’t throw your macbook away. This chip will give you a new BIOS and fixes the problem. I just plugged it in and it worked immediately.

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