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La familia MacBook fue introducida en Mayo del 2006 y reemplazó a el iBook como la laptop para consumidores de Apple.

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White Screen Macbook

After changing broken LCD Screen for some reason now I get a all white screen. I figured it was a bad cable so I replace the ldvs cable but I still have the same issues. Could anyone help with this one?

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4 Respuestas

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Well, you replaced the right parts! A white screen indicates a LVDS cable or LCD...

At this point, I see a couple of options:

  1. the replacement parts are also bad.
    • Did you have this problem with the broken LCD? Do you still have it? What happens if you plug it back in?
  2. the video processor (permanently affixed to the logic board) is bad.
    • Do you have an external display available? If so, connect your machine to it. If it displays the same symptoms, the logic board probably needs to be replaced.

Good luck! Keep us posted!

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im shocked! i thought my 2011 mbp saw its last day last night (via long reported soder issue motherboard-my fourth time) So this morning I took out the hard drive (to retrieve my work) and experimented starting up without drive and option start on anexternal install disk. What i get is the xternal disk icon with arrow pointing to install.! Does this mean my MotherBoard /screen is ok??? ill throw in an old drive and see what happens. I hope its not my drive, but the convience of having this mbp is nice for simple things~

- de

i had the white screen and i tried every little hot startup key to no avail.

- de

im sorry, i wish i could write everything that i did. All morning i worked on this. Putting the ssd in another computer which it wouldnt mount - at all! It use to live on the tower fine months ago... anyway,Changed drives on the mbp which proved all was ok, put the problem child ssd back in and got a got a flashing ?. Trying not to panic too much i restarted with command R. I couldnt believe it, everything started normal. Im backing up those work files and grateful in so many ways. I was this close to erasing and reformatting. I might still have to, but at least i know the computer works

- de

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Yes it does have video on a external display. I even took a working screen off of a antoher macbook and place everything into the one im speaking of and I had the same results. Is there a smooth way to fix this issue? Is this the same type of situtation the ibooks had years ago. Thanks for your comments!!

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I have seen this happen with bad RAM and/or a bad Optical drive. Try removing RAM one slot at a time, try disconnecting the optical drive from the logic board.

If any of these steps cause the normal screen/desktop to return, there's your trouble.

Good Luck,


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Have the same issue, have disconnected the CD, Hard Drive, tried two different cables. External works, but internal does not.

Even tried four different sticks of RAM in each slot, every possible combo...

Any other pointers?

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