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Una pulsera con monitor fitness y resistente al agua de Fitbit, lanzada en mayo de 2013.

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It is not recording the right amount of steps

I am walking on a track with other friends with Fitbits and mine is recording less then a third of their steps which makes it very frustrating. Battery is working and when even counting my steps it doesn't record them all.

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@jody935 , Joann, Dominant Hand setting. Letting Fitbit know which arm you're wearing the Flex on will result in more accurate tracking of your steps usually, in your case maybe switch setting to non-dominant wrist setting increases the sensitivity of step counting and should reduce any under counting of steps.

If your distance measurement seems inaccurate, follow the steps below in the 2nd link to calculate your stride length and then add it to your Fitbit account. Read through the links below for more info. on fit bit devices. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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if you talk with your hands, or move them in other ways, the fitbit stops tracking your steps, because it just thinks youre waving it around. if you want accurate steps with fitbits, you will have to be sure to do full swings of your arms.

If you do this, and the problem persists, the gyroscope, or pedometer in your fitbit may be failing. id suggest taking it in to a service technician, as repairs on these are relatively difficult for the average end user.

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