No display, backlight off, itunes can detect it, somewhat...

Ipad 4 aparently won`t charge up. Plugging it in won't display anything on the lcd.

Tried hard resetting it, did nothing.

The glass was replaced before, so it was easy to have a look inside, see if there was anything obviously wrong with it. Nothing that i can see, nothings black or burned...

Tried a DFU restore. Itunes does recognise the ipad, but i don`t see a serial number displayed, says n/a. it allowed me to go through with the restore anyway, so i did.

Afterwards, still nothing.

I'm inclined to think the LCD is faulty, but untill i can get another part to test it, could it be anything else?

Thank you for your time

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id have to agree with you that the LCD is the likely culprit. it is normal for the serial number to read N/A when in DFU mode..

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