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My computer is typing the letter z constantly

my computer is typing the letter z constantly. I can barzely type this letter!z I took the key off, nothing is stuck. I reset the czomputer. It was an intermittent przoblem, but now seems permanent. Also, the letter z does not type when I press the keyz

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I have the same issue with z key. What was the problem with yours? Did you get fixed? How much was it to fix. Please share any info you have. Thanks.


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It definitely sounds like the circuits responsible for the z key are started to ground, causing it to be seen as permanently pressed down by the system. This could either be a fault in the keyboard (which is most likely), or could be a motherboard issue. I would first try and clean out the connector - if it's still pressed down, then run the computer with the keyboard unplugged, and see if the issue persists. If yes, then it is a motherboard issue. If no, then it is an issue with the keyboard.

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Try removing the back of the Macbook and disconnecting the keyboard from the logic board. Then connect a removable keyboard via usb. If the problem no longer occurs then you need to replace the keyboard of the macbook.

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