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Help finding replacement hdd and ram for this

I'm having a small issue since I'm trying to price out upgrades I may or may not purchase for my computers next week. I already know my old win7 laptop is screwed but this one would be great to get upgraded as high as possible. According to the spec sheet it can be upgraded to 1gb of ram using two 512mb sdram slots. But I can't seem to be sure what it needs when I go searching for the modules. As well it definitely needs a beefier hdd if I can swing that much too(I'm not even sure how to search this and be sure I'm finding the right thing). The current drive that comes stock in it is a old IBM travelstar that toshiba ships it with. I'm just trying to use this as my retro pc gaming laptop(think majesty, civilization, RCT, theme hospital, & etc).

Here's the spec sheet that I've found for it:

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Your systems specs: Toshiba Portege 4000/4005

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That spec sheet shows a older model even though it's the same series. The spec sheet there is for 4000 which only allows for half the memory(and at that, it's a 98 laptop vs the windows xp pro on this one), even though it's the page for 4005.

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I recommend you to use Kingston's memory search tool:

They sell memory for most brands and models and Kinston's memory will be cheaper than genuine ones for good quality.

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They don't show up the ones for this old laptop. I'm just going to go off what the others recommended though I'm still going to have to wait. It'll definitely pay off in the long run though. I'm just going to have to find a way to clone the drive over once I upgrade

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The hard drive is easy.

Get this adapter:

Get this SSD:

This will give you a huge performance boost and increase your storage capacity to 250gb, given the motherboard doesn't have a limit on max size.

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That actually sounds a lot better than the options Dan gave me. They were helpful, but that sounds like a much better option. I just need to get a enclosure of sort and transfer I guess once I have the money unless there's a cheaper drive that can go in there(living the broke college kid life right now XD)

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There's always getting an SSD from a trusted seller from eBay.

And if you don't need all 250gb.

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From Toshiba's site I found this:

  • Total RAM: 128-1024MB (2 slots)
  • Module type: SODIMM 128, 256, or 512MB PC133 SDRAM. 3.3V

Sadly, the system is so old I can't find any standard memory houses that still sell these.

As for a replacement HD you'll need a 2.5" PATA (IDE) drive. Again, getting a new unit will take some doing.

Lastly, you can't run anything newer than Windows XP on it. Are you sure its worth the effort here?

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To some extent yes. This game is going to be for nothing but xp level software and below. It's basically going to be my retro pc gaming computer. the 1gb of ram and a massively upgraded HDD will make it perfect. I have trouble getting some of the stuff I have to run properly under crossover on mac let alone dosbox(where I don't have constant access to cd drives for some that don't really install as it is, they install a file or two but they really run from the cd drive unless I use that computer since it's built in). Heck I'd love to get the floppy that you can swap with the cd drive, since the the little door on my usb floppy drive is screwed up.

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I should have added I don't know of any PATA drive larger than 320 GB was ever made.

You may want to look at getting an external Ethernet NAS drive. That way you can use a larger 3.5" SATA based drive similar to this one: WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra Diskless 2 x 3.5 inch hard drive bays Even just using one 1 TB drive will offer much more storage than you need.

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Yeah I think a 320gb would do nicely especially since that's a 1600% increase. 20gb is just pretty darn small, and at this rate with whats already installed stock in the system I've already used half of that just installing some old stuff from cd and what was already installed on the system by my grandmother(along with the netgear card that's installed in it too through the port on the side).

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So would I be correct in assuming what comes up on this page:

Would work in the system? For modern stuff I'm probably going to end up using my parallels install unless I fix that hp laptop(also a XP laptop but newer but definitely has some hardware failures I don't have a cord to see what's happening atm unless I borrow one from my mom from her setup to test that one...).

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Er I mean this page:

I limited it down to the 160-320's

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