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El Aspire 7741Z es un portátil de Acer con una pantalla panorámica HD retroiluminada por LED de 17,3".

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How hard is it to change the keyboard on the 7741z?

My laptop is 6 years old and I need a new keyboard as the keys have worn out, even the nubs on the F and J keys are gone and there's a dent worn into the space bar and we won't even discuss the amount of dirt and junk under and between the keys lol. Has anyone ever changed the keyboard on this laptop? Is it ok to buy a generic keyboard? I'd love a lighted one but can't find one for the 7741z. Any tips and tricks would be helpful. Thanks.

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FallenAnjel , From the video links I posted, it does not look like to bad of job. Link 1&2 show how to, replacing key board and link 3 where to purchase board under $10.00. which you can also do a search, for better pricing or different options. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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