Pt Legend outer cover replacement

The soft rubber cover that is basicly the main body of the unit, is failing. It has a tear in it where is curves over your ear. In your instructions for replacing the battery you discuss loosing it up with heat to facilitate removal of the battery... But can the entire soft rubber body cover be replaced?

There is no other way to ask the question. It is simple. Can the soft rubber body of a PT Legend be replaced?

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already replaced this same model 3 times because its a really good product except for the %#*@ cover that keeps falling apart or tearing easily.....I'm starting to rely on Chinese engineering because they will, many times, come up with a solution to a problem when a good product in the US gets monopolized for the simple reason of selling more of them....sometimes I think $@$*!& weak rubber is used in order to have the customer replace the item again....the PT legend has been around for many years and next time, if I see a little crack on the rubber, I will now buy another , repackage the old one and return it......

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Did you get the part number

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Sorry where do you buy it, and what is the name of it

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