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Samsung grand prime smg530A is changing screen

After having a shattered lcd and digitizer screen and replacing the motherboard. The phone will power on (the motherboard had a factory reset ) perfect quality picture. But after a few mins of recording ,moving icons around, going into different settings.

The screen responds has it should, but then it comes alive on its own, switching from one screen to another for a while.

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@loyates this is usually caused by errors between the LCD and digitizer, most often on aftermarket repair assemblies. Replace the display assembly to eliminate this error.

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there might be a prblem with the ribbon cable connection. if you are able try to take it back apart and make sure that 1 there are no breaks or any damage to the cable or the port and 2 make sure that it is connected securely. i hope that this helps

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@aebelcarris /@oldturkey03 Thank you for that information, however this is my second screen assembly (the second was a replacement for the first that was missing the ribbon clip)

As of 4 hours ago I hard reset the phone (knew motherboard ,so no information was lost) and I am cautiously saying it is not acting up. Fingers crossed will keep yall posted

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Well the phone is still switching from

screen to screen. It actually goes into the messages, contacts, settings, etc. Does this for few goid mins.

Go to push the power off button, but it won't stay on the screen long enough to select off.

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