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I cant access my BIOS.

I recently bought a laptop in an auction and i realize that my BIOS has a password. is't possible to access my BIOS?

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Insert clean USB flash drive.

Then run USB Image tool.

Choose the flash drive then click on RESTORE and choose the .img file.

After restore remove flash drive.

Insert flash drive into locked laptop and boot.”If HDD is installed remove before booting.”

At C:\OUTPUT type CD.. “Then hit enter”

Type HPBR “Then hit enter”

First thing is to save your settings.

Select #3 re-program.

Press “S” to save system information.

Type HPBR and hit enter.

Since your model is not listed select “SHOTGUN.”

After reboot repeat “SHOTGUN” a second time.

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can you please tell me what is the problem, i followed all the instructions but at last it gave "failed to load defaults, error code: 87"

- de

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Try take out the battery, and leave it out for about an hour. This may reset the cmos. Hope it works for you.

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