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El smartphone Android de 5ª generación basado en Android de Samsung fue lanzado el 11 de abril de 2014. Las mejoras en el teléfono incluyen un escáner de huellas dactilares, cámara actualizada, pantalla más grande y resistencia al agua. Está disponible en cuatro colores diferentes; Negro, azul, blanco y cobre.

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Could this be a Screen Fault or deeper?

This S5 Came into the shop, normal thing, turning on but screen unresponsive. So ordered another Screen from my normal supplier. After receiving screen started the change over

Full picture:

As I'm sure we all do when changing these screens

Changed Charge port

Changed Screen


And all that I got was a screen full of pixels (as in pic). checked connector, cables

never had this with an S5 before, in fact any screen. So thought I would ask the Girls and Guys here


Block Image

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I have had this once and ended up getting another screen . But you could try cleaning the connectors on both the board and the cable ends to make sure theres no lint or dust particals . Blow them out with compressed air or wash with IP alcohol 90+%. Ive been told for the screen to behave this way you zapped it with static but I have a hard time believing I zapped the screen I lost . Probably just a bad screen . Hope this helps

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