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La NutriBullet de los creadores de Magic Bullet es una licuadora personal autónoma y fácil de usar. Incluye una base de batidora eléctrica con varios accesorios para el usuario y ofrece una alternativa saludable a la licuación de alimentos descomponiendo los ingredientes en sus estados más nutritivos.

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My NutriBullet doesn't stay on

I just got my nutribullet rx, and it does not stay on. When I hit the power button, the blue ring turns on, but right when I release the light turns off. The blender works when I hold the power button down, but it doesn't stay on.

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Problem my blue light won't cut off when xlnutrition is off. The only way blue light goes it must be unplugged from the wall socket

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I had same problem... Just blue light button wont turn off - and it doesnt affect motor until whole unit is unplugged from the wall socket... I checked for answers online - but no solution or advice...

I was experimenting with it while being disconnected from the wall socket and then i turned whole unit upsidedown (ofc without a cup being attached into it) and then pressed the blue power button several times - but i was trying to feel the actual "click" sound and then pushed the button from various angles - like pushing it under the angle - not straight push but from different sides and felt small change in the click sound (it seemed a bit different)... Then i took the unit in normal position and plugged it into the wall and the Blue power button started working properly!

If you have additional questions feel free to ask

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Omg thanks a lot! That “hit” really helps me solve the problem! Thank you a lot!

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From the manual I can find online, it looks like you have to actually press the power button when the blender portion isn't yet attached. The blue light will come on, and then you attach the blender. After the blender is attached, a green light will come on, and it will run for one minute. If you are using "Souperblast" mode, with the necessary pitcher with a vent cap, then repeat the previous steps and after the light turns green, hold down the power button for a few seconds until the light turns red. That mode will run for about 7 minutes and will heat the contents, according to the manual. I put a link to the manual I looked at below.

If your NutriBullet suddenly stops during use, see the Magic Bullet NutriBullet Stops Suddenly During Use problem page for possible problems and solutions.

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