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Keyboard Replacement Method MBP 15 Early 2011 A1286

Early 2011 model A1286

Two DIFFERENT assessments for replacement of keyboard:

1) ENTIRE shell/deck has to be replaced, containing keyboard.

2) Keyboard ONLY can be replaced

Anyone here DEFINITIVELY tell me .... one or the other ?

Thanks !

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You can replace just the keyboard on this model, don't need to swap the whole palmrest. Part costs £10-£20. Link here

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Here's the iFixit guide that will work for you:


@reecee are you doing retina screen repairs?


@mayer yup, have been doing these since Oct 2015, why?


@reecee because i do not know how yet to repair them and my stack is growing. Cannot find a good guide or parts but don't know if i can afford to ship to England just to have some for stock.


@mayer don't bother repairing the old assemblies, sometimes they can be bent and cause issues with the picture when the new screen is fitted. It is also not worth the cost of paying someone to replace the screen, since it is a second hand lid. I did have a few UK shops contact me, to send me their broken lids for refurbishment, but they wanted a discount on the repair price. I told them I couldn't, since I am still doing the same process whether someone is sending me a whole Macbook, or just the lid :) (and it is a PITA to replace).

Best thing to do is follow this video (I learnt to replace these from watching this) and practice on the broken assemblies. For parts, search "A1502 LCD" on aliexpress, place a sample order of around 500$ to test the supplier. If they are good, keep using them. Any old assemblies, just sell as broken on eBay, or you can use the LCD cable, hinge cover and backlight sheets from these (if you mess up the sheets).


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