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The Wii U is a video game console paired with a handheld device made by Nintendo that allows users to play games on the GamePad. Repairing the console is straightforward as the device is very modular.

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"Invalid Disc" not working

I have a Nintendo WiiU. I got it on Christmas. I have like about 5 or 6 games but however, one is not working. The game is Mario Kart 8. I put the disc in but when I put it in it says "Invalid Disc". I make sure the disc is turned the right way and I cleaned it with alcohol and a piece of paper towel but it still won't work.. Is it anything I'm doing wrong? Please help. Thanks (btw, add me on

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have you checked the disc for scratches or laser burns, and also verified that it is a genuine disc, if none of this works then id try taking it back to the point of purchase if you are able.

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