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Keyboard issues remain after LCD/digitizer replacement

My wife's iPhone 5c was having many touchscreen issues - mainly with the keyboard. While holding phone upright, the N, J, U, and sometimes H keys (while is QWERTY) cannot be used. If tilted to the side, the entire keyboard would (and does) work, but this option is not available all the time (when signing into iTunes, iCloud, etc).

I replaced the LCD/digitizer (and the battery), but the problem remains. The only part of the screen that was not replaced was the backplate/screen holder.

Once I installed the I reset the phone a number of times and updates to iOS 10.2. The issue remains.

Could it be the backplate/screen holder that was causing this problem the whole time? Are there any other things I should try?

Thank you!


Update 01/14/17

I changed the backplate/screen holder and the issue remains. Can the part that the ribbon cables plug into be replaced? What recommendations do you have?

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Just so I understand...the original screen AND the replacement screen both have issues with the same keys?

It is almost impossible to have two completely different screens (one original and one replacement) to have such an identical and highly localized problem. It is certainly a logic board issue.

It could be the connectors on the board...inspect them under a microscope or a jeweler's loupe if you can and look for a broken pin or bad solder joint.

Otherwise, it could be the Touch controllers (IC's). I said this earlier on another question (I bought a broken iPhone 5c please help) but the iPhone 5c is very susceptible to micro-fractures due to the weaker plastic housing. IMHO, 5c's are not worth investing much from a micro-soldering repair perspective; other's may disagree.

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It could just be the back plate as you said. An idea would be to try and replace this yourself or tighten the back. I've had the problem on a phone I had to fix up and a simple replacement solved the problem. Try this part and follow the iFixIt guide.

Imagen iPhone 5c LCD Shield Plate


iPhone 5c LCD Shield Plate


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