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La Kenmore Elite HE3 es una lavadora de Kenmore.

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Water pump clicks and gets hot

I've cleaned my hoses and taken the pump off and apart and I find nothing. It begins to click when about to spin it slowly spins and I eventually get the SUDS code. Funny thing is I get through one express load. Anything longer I pause it during the rinse cycle and let the pump cool for 30-60 minutes and the load will drain fine once I start it up again but I notice the pump gets hot after one load. If I complete one load successfully, the pump will be hot and won't do the next until I let it cool. So I suppose I should just replace the pump right?

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Veronica, I assume that pump runs all of the time during the wash cycle to filter the water during the wash.

Does the flow of water through the filter seem like the normal amount? You say you found nothing when you took it apart but did you notice any drag on the bearing? Any motor with a defect in the winding, such as a shorted turn on the winding, would heat up. If you have a clean impeller on the pump and no drag on the bearing, I would say, yes the motor is probably bad.

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