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The Asus MeMO Pad 7 ME170C is a touch screen tablet manufactured by Microsoft and released in August of 2014. It has a screen resolution of 1280 x 800. Identified by model number K017.

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Screen cracked and display works but touchscreen dosen't

My younger sibling recently dropped her tablet on it's face, causing the screen to crack. The display is completely fine, and everything works, but the touchscreen is completely gone (I want to preserve the screen, but fix the touch part). I have a heat gun, as well as prying tools available, so what do I do?

UPDATE: I opened it up and saw a digitzer connector (there were two, one on the top and om the bottom, the bottom one being under the battery) was loose. I gently pushed it back in and powered on the tablet, but it STILL doesn't work. I don't think a single drop could break one of the connectors, just loosen it. Does anyone else have a solution?

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You can purchase the screen on ebay and this video will help with replacing the digitizer

hope this helps

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Thanks! Video seems descriptive enough. I was having trouble finding any good ones, so I appreciate it

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Well, it doesn't seem that the video has the me170c model, but instead the MeMO Pad HD 7.

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the remove is simalar the only differencwe is the placement of the connectors the memo me has its connector at the top of the screen the hd is on the side of thes creen

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Oh, ok... Thanks! In the process of fixing it, and I see one of the connectors is lose. Most likely the problem.

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Nope, I tried to push it back in but nothing happened. Still doesn't work with touchscreen

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