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Versión actualizada de la Retina MacBook 2015. Modelo A1534, EMC 2991.

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Is it possible to recover from a coffee keyboard flood :(


I had a bunch of coffee on my keyboard few days ago, I was quick to react but too late It seems, cleaned it, dry it at cold temperature with a fan.

It does not start anymore, I am going to let it dry at ambiant temperature for now, and try to find a way to recover it from this bad stuff.

Any ideas

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Which 2016 model is it? 12"/13" with function keys/13" with touch bar/15" with touch bar? Or is it a 2015 MacBook Pro retina you bought in 2016 (EMC on bottom will be 2835, 2909 or 2910?

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The MacBook 12 inches 2016 m3

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Yes... everything from keyboard replacement to logic board repair.

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I get back my MacBook in the original bad state, I opened it, did what it was requested: disconnect trackpad, unplug battery, cleanup the place ... no liquid residual on the motherboard... connected back the battery and plugged the power... a led near the connector is ON but the MacBook does not start.

Any suggestions ? Because it seems that the current is powering the motherboard...

Thanx in advance

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2 Respuestas

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Follow the teardown here, check the logic board for liquid damage and clean with 95%+ isopropyl if present Retina MacBook 2016 Teardown

Try unplugging the trackpad ribbon and plugging in the charger after reconnecting the battery, it should boot automatically.

Be careful, this model is more difficult to open than the older ones, so check the guide out first. If you are not comfortable with opening it, send it to someone who can check this out.

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Thanx a lot for the answer.

what about the keyboard, how to clean it ? One deconnected some magic product ?

Thanx in advance.


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Worry about fixing it first. Disconnect the trackpad cable (which connects the keyboard to the logic board) and plug in a charger to see if it boots. The keyboard could be shorting PP3V3_G3H to ground, preventing it from booting

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If I understand well, I disconnect the keyboard/trackpad and connect the charger to the motherboard, it must boot, and if it does work, it means that the keyboard is dead ? or I try to clean it deeply with a product and try to get it working again ?

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@serpieri i would say the keyboard is one of the last things to fix, you got bigger fish to fry like the logic board and LCD.

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@gigabit87898 exactly. @serpieri disconnect the keyboard first and see if it boots when the charger is plugged in, don't worry about anything else yet until you try this. If the keyboard is bad, cleaning it will not fix this. Clean the logic board with isopropyl if liquid is present.

If this is out of your skill level, I would recommend sending it somewhere. There are a lot of awkward cables in this model and it is easy to damage something if you don't know what you are doing.

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Hello everyone

spilled water on my macbook closed the lid and it went into hibernation, after few days plugged it to power it turned on but the keyboard nor mouse track did not work. I plugged in a usb mouse and it worked then did a shutdown and now cant turn it back on since the keyboard nor mouse pad is not responding any suggestions on what I can do to fix this issue is the keyboard and mouse need replacement or there is some other issue?

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