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Guías para la tableta Sony Vaio Tap 11. Anunciado el 4 de septiembre de 2013 y publicado el 18 de octubre de 2013. Número de modelo SVT112A2WL. El primo delgado, elegante y sexy de Surface Pro 2.

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Where is the CMOS battery?

My system clock keeps on delaying compared to the actual time.

Is there a repair?

I also noticed that it may be caused by the CMOS battery starting to fail.

I have opened the device up and am comfortable, as I replaced the mSATA myself.

However, I don't really know where the CMOS is.

Where is it? Thanks

Update (01/01/2017)

Block Image

Tried to locate it in the area, but it looks like it isn't really there.

It's only cables that connect the circuit board.

Also, I purposefully disconnected this part that is mentioned in the instructions for motherboard replacement and speaker replacement. The computer turned on and wifi was completely functional with it disconnected. What is it for?

Block Image

Block Image

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akihiko1639 post some clear images of your complete board (may take multiple shots) and post those with your question.

the connector is for your speakers.

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Block Image

Block Image

The blue bit that can be seen is probably the RTC battery.

The images were taken from the Vaio Tap 11 teardown by Sony on Youtube.

Hope it helps!

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