Broke one internal connector and an internal cable

I tried to replace the internal battery of my HTC One M7 phone, after every repair shop refused to do it because they claimed that the screen breaks upon opening the phone.

I actually managed to open the phone without breaking the screen but, Somehow I pulled too strong from one of the data cables in the right side of the motherboard and the white plastic connector attached to the motherboard broke. The connector pins scattered all around.

At that moment I knew I screwed it, but I continued disasembling and accidentally cut a second cable, that goes from the back of the case to the motherborard. I did it trying to get off a metallic sticker. I think this one can be replaced, but I have no idea how to order it.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure the phone is dead unless I replace the whole motherboard, but I wanted to ask here in case someone has any advice that can give me a small light of hope.

Thank you very much.

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