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The Acer Aspire One D150 is an affordable 10.5" laptop with an Intel Atom CPU. The Acer Aspire line is aimed at casual household users and covers both desktop and laptop PCs.

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How do I fix my screen?

I accidently dropped my laptop, and there are yellow, green, red and black splotches all over half of the screen. How do I fix this?

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You can get a new screen for about $44. Just search LCD replacement screen. The first 40 links are to the same website and they are pretty good. About $60 after all the shipping costs and you get it in a nice padded BIG FedEx Ground box.

To change the screen is easy.

1. Unplug everything.

2. There are two small round black stickers in the lower left and r of your screen. Peel them off to reveal two screw heads.

3. Using a small Phillips head screwdriver, remove these and put them on a piece of tape so you don't lose them. They will be silver in color.

4. Using a very small flat screw driver, pry the plastic frame off the front of the LCD screen. You don't have to force this. Once you get the screw driver in between the from frame and the back cover slide the screw driver in either direction and you'll hear the plastic locks popping open.

5. Fold down the frame when it's loose and remove it. (Easy. Don't force anything.

6. Remove 4 black screws and put them on the tape.

7. Screen is now loose. Move it slowly away from the back screen and you'll see a small gold connector at the bottom. Unplug that. An antenna is taped to the back of the screen. Remove that and the old screen is free.

8. Plug in the connector to the new screen. (check the fit first to make sure you got the right size. Set the screen back in place.

9. Screw in the new scree with you four black screws.

10. Turn it on and test your fixed computer!!!

11. If it works, gently replace the plastic frame and pinch it against the LCD and back cover. It will click. Work around the edge of the screen till it is all locked back in. Turn off computer again.

12. Screw down the frame with the two silver screws.

13. Pick up the two plastic stickers and replace them over the screw heads.

14. Turn on the computer and you are back in business!!!

I've done this three times. These screens break easily. The computer is only about $250 but the hassle of moving all your files back and forth is worth the effort.

Ben Levitan

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Ben you cam put your contact and professional info in your profile, but not in your answers.

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sorry about that. thanks for posting it with the fix.

- de

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You need to replace the screen. There is a company called ScreenTek and they have screens for almost every laptop. Their website is here.

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They are fairly expensive. I am kind of frugal. You can get new LCDs for this at Amazon for half their price. You may find them elsewhere on the web for an even cheaper price.

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Just be sure which LCD screen you will order.

A general search is not always enough. FIRST you have to remove the old screen, write down it's model which is located on the back (it's not a very long string of letters and numbers) and search by model No. so you can be sure you are ordering the correct part.

Pay attention to the version too. Some lcd screen models have versions (e.g. v. 2 or v. 3)

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go to computer settings and click screen settings and hit repair and if that dont work than take it to the nearest wallmart srry about ur screen

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My problem involves my screen just not working... being black when the netbook is on. No blue screens, etc., just nothing. I looked up a fix that involved getting bios repairs, but they just didn't work or maybe I didn't do it right. I'm looking for any suggestions, links to videos, etc., that can help me with this.

Buying a screen is not likely the issue, so having a spare on won't fix my problem.

Help me Obi Wan!

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