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MacBook air Mid 2011 Wont boot

My macbook Air mid 2011 will never Start it is stuck in a white screen And chime sounds endlessy until it runs out of battery. Any Ideas?

It does the same thing Without the SDD.

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Reset SMC and NVRAM. Check the board for liquid damage. Let us know the results :)

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No water damage and commands just dont make it work. What else could be?


@tucman have you checked the board for liquid damage? Also, have you tried reconnecting the battery, and trying to boot into a USB hard drive?


Sometimes liquid damage can be hard to spot.

I recommend looking under a microscope for corrosion, white marks, green marks, burn marks, liquid residue.

Check the LCI (Liquid contact Indicators) which are scattered (There around around 3-7 of them) around on the board and on the metal housing for the board and battery.

They are small black circles that initially have a white circle inside the black circle which indicates no liquid contact.

If it is a red circle instead then it means liquid has been in contact of that LCI indicator.


Already made an extensive cleaning, found some water trails but still the same


@tucman check on board view the components around where the liquid damage was. You may be able to see burnt pins or components. Sometimes a component could be bad but look fine, I had a liquid damaged MacBook and after cleaning, was working except wifi. Ended up being the clkreq chip which looked fine, but there was initially liquid damage in this area which messed up the chip, even though it wasn't burnt.

Something on the board will be bad, I would recommend taking it somewhere if you have no experience with logic board diagnostics or soldering


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I had a similar problem when replacing ram in my unibody MacBook pro where it would keep replaying the start-up noise only it would be a black screen. I solved this by taking out the ram and putting it back in. Since the ram is part of the logic board in this MacBook, you might need to replace your logic board. I would take it to Apple first though before rushing into replacing the logic board due to pricing.

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