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Won't see battery after teardown

2.16 GHz

Machine was overheating and shutting down after running for 15 minutes. I tore it down, cleaned the vents, reapplied thermal paste, replaced the optical drive. Updated from 10.6.2 to 10.6.4, installed iLife "11, Norton "11 and did all updates. Machine now runs (4 hours with no heat problem). Optical drive from G5 iMac works fine. Problem is that it won't see the battery. Battery has a 90% charge and boots on another MBP just fine. Good battery from other MBP does not show. Coconut battery does not show battery. Did I miss connecting something on the logic board?

Zapped pram to no avail

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Reseated battery connecter to logic board. The original seating looked good. Problem fixed.

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good followthru +

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