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iPhone screen black, makes charging sounds when plugged in

I dropped my iphone 5 on the floor. Now the screen is black, but it makes charging sounds when i plug it in. When not plugged in, the phone does not respond at all.

I know this can be because of a broken lcd, and I consider replacing the screen. But does the fact that the iphone only makes sounds when plugged in mean I should also try to replace the battery?

Anything else this could be?

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@tstone it is supposed to make that sound when it gets plugged in. Since you are going to have to replace the display assembly (that is what failed when you dropped the phone)and thus open your phone,might as well replace the battery. That way you only have to open it one time.

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It may be worth just opening your phone to check that the lcd or digitiser connectors have not come out of their sockets.

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