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iPhone 5 not turning on after battery replacement

Completed the iPhone 5 battery replacement with the video instructions but it won't turn on or charge. I did lose a screw from the inside but I'm not sure if thats the problem. Did I damage anything from the inside?


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UPDATE: I found a screw but it looks like one of the the circuit boards that connects the screen to the bottom part of the phone is broken.


There is only one logic board on the phone, are you referring to the charging port / flex ribbon connector assembly?


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The connectors and flexes that connect the screen assembly to the logic board are very delicate. Follow the guide below and tell us what your phone looks like in comparison to step 15. (pictures are even better).

Reemplazo de la pantalla del iPhone 5

Losing a screw inside the device is also not good, especially if you closed the phone and powered it up. That loose screw could have caused damage as well.

However, based on your description, it sounds like one of the connectors was damaged. If it is on the flex side (screen side), then a new screen should solve the problem. If the damage is on the logic board, the it will require a micro-soldering repair.

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It's on the logic board but I don't know where or how to fix it. Do iPhone repair shops do micro-soldering repairs?


Some repair shops focus on screen, battery and module repair, others also do micro-soldering. You have to look up who does repair in your area and ask them. The best solution is to find someone local so they can properly diagnose your problem. However, if you can't find anyone locally, there are many shops that do mail-in repairs (mine included).


Thank you so much for your response but unfortunately no phone repair shops near me can do micro- soldering.


Hi @ajam_45 , there are many shops to offer mail-in repairs (mine included, see my profile). However, given that you have an older iPhone 5, it may be more cost effective to buy a used device, unless you need to recover data. Depending on your location, there may be some alternatives in Asia, EU or NA. - Good luck!


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