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Lanzado el 25 de septiembre de 2015. Modelo A1688 / A1633 . La reparación de este dispositivo es similar a las generaciones anteriores, que requieren destornilladores y herramientas de palanca. Disponible como GSM o CDMA / 16 , 64 , o 128 GB / plata, oro, gris espacio, o la opcion de oro rosa.

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iPh 6s/6s+ show "UNAUTHORISED DEVICE" upon activation

hi experts

i call myself an expert when it comes to phones and gadgets etc, however this one has made me think out of the box.

iphone 6s and 6s plus i bought 2 pc of this random guy off a local classifieds .

the phones are brand new sealed and never activated. but when i try to activate them the error pops up

"UNAUTHORISED DEVICE" this iphone cannot be activated for service . please contact carrier or your nearest apple retail store

now obviously i called apple and took it to genius bar but had no luck they ended up telling me i need to find the real owner of the phones until then they cannot help me. ( the phones are not icloud locked they know that)


i run some gsx checks and found out that

IMEI : 3557700*********

Unlock code : Serial Number: FK1********Initial Activation Policy ID: 2195 MEID: Activation Policy Description: Australia Apple Channel Unlocked Policy IMEI: 355770******** Applied Activation Policy ID: Part Description: iPhone 6s Applied Activation Policy Description: Product Version: 9.2.1 Next Tether Policy ID: 15 Last Restore Date: Next Tether Activation Policy Description: Blacklist. Bluetooth MAC Address: First Unbrick Date: Last Unbrick Date: Unbricked: Unlocked: false Unlock Date:


can anyone help me in unlocking these devices..

thanx in advance

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Have you tried running the IMEI code to see if they have maybe been stolen? Also, can you provide a picture of the problem? It would help alot.

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how on earth do you have gsx access?

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If both of them were brand new then how come they ask for real owner even though those phones never been activated .

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NO THE PHONES ARE NOT REPACKED . they are new phones never activated.

i believe this is the problem Next Tether Policy ID: 15


now if they are blacklisted. they should still be able to activate and use in other countries.

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This happened to me. It means that the phones were ordered from some carrier and when they were delivered they reported that they never received the phones. So what happens is they get a new good working phone, can sell the others as “unopened” and when you try to activate it they are gone. The way around this that worked from what I heard and was told was to get AppleCare first then break it so that it can be replaced. The imei is still good so if you have AppleCare and a broken phone beyond repair they will give you a refurbished one.

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