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TI-84 Plus calculator support.

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Two Inputs, One Graph?

So I have two inputs put into my (Y=) values and both of the equal signs are "highlighted". Then when I go into the graph, only one equation shows up. Yes they are 2 different equations, one is a cubic and the other is a quadratic so they should look totally different. If I go to the table menu after viewing the graph, only 1 set of values appears and if I go back to the (Y=) menu, the Y2 equals sign isn't "highlighted" anymore either. Bottom line is that no matter what, only one equation shows up on the graph.

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I know I’m realllly late on this, but here’s my fix.

This isn’t suppose to happen, you may have changed a setting that affects this and you can fix it by reverting all the settings back to their default by:

  • Press [2nd]
  • Press [+]
  • Press [7]
  • Press [2]
  • Press [2]

Your settings should now be back to their defaults.

If that doesn’t work, perform a RAM reset by removing the batteries (including the backup battery) then reinserting them.

If that doesn’t help, try to reinstall the OS. This is more complicated so I’ll refer you to a video tutorial here.

In the extremely unlikely event that nothing worked, contact TI.

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